Skinny Wallace was formed by vocalist Marisa Reilly and vocalist/lead guitarist Danny Gibbs. They met when they joined the same band in 2008. After that band dissolved, they formed a partnership singing and writing together while searching for like-minded bandmates. In 2012 multi-instrumentalist Paula Young joined on rhythm guitar, flute and mandolin. With miscellaneous musicians on bass and drums they ventured out to play small events. In 2015, the group was propelled to a whole new level when veteran drummer Scott Shinn and guitarist (now bassist) George Lanum solidified the lineup. Skinny Wallace was gaining momentum and followers and in late 2017, seasoned keyboardist/vocalist Karen Chae topped off the lineup. 

Having made a name for themselves in the Northern Virginia area, Skinny Wallace is currently recording their originals at Grammy winning Bias Studios and hope “success” will follow as it has for many of Bias’s previous recording artists.